10 Gorgeous Cloth Face Masks To Stay Safe & Stylish

Hey, boho tribe! We hope you’re all safe and masking up when you step out. Along with social distancing, fabric masks have emerged as an easy and effective way to stay protected during the COVID situation. 

So since we’ll all be wearing masks for a while, why not pick ones that are comfortable, safe, and stylish? We’ve got you covered (literally) with these 10 gorgeous cloth face masks!

All our triple-pleated masks are made with 3 layers of eco-friendly cotton. They’re adjustable, reusable, and UV-sterilized for maximum protection and comfort. So read on and grab all that catch your fancy:

1. Jaguar Print Face Mask

jaguar print cotton face mask

So what if you can’t visit the jungle? We’re bringing the jungle to you. Our best-seller jaguar print face mask has a gorgeous tropical pattern, with playful pops of green, yellow, and red. 

Pair It With: The jaguar paradise jumpsuit for that Amazonian goddess look.

2. Leopard Love Face Mask

Stylish leopard print cotton face mask

Don this striking black and brown leopard love mask with confidence and add a sultry flavor to any outfit. The triple-pleated design and adjustable ear loops make for a snug fit for maximum protection. 

Pair It With: The deep-neck leopard print dress to look like the sexiest beach diva there ever was. 

3. Azalea Floral Face Mask

azalea floral face mask

We can all do with some smiles these days, and one look at the azalea floral mask does exactly that! Sunny flowers in shades of peach, yellow, and pink contrast make for a fresh design you’ll love to wear.

Pair It With: The wide-legged azalea floral dotted jumpsuit to stay breezy and bright throughout the day. 

4. Punch Drunk Pink Jaguar Face Mask

stylish and sultry pink jaguar cotton face mask

This one reminds us of a delicious boozy summer punch! Step out in our pink jaguar mask to revel in your fearless femininity. The triple-layered cotton will feel uber-soft against your skin, making it easy to wear all day.

Pair It With: Our halter neck pink jaguar jumpsuit to slip into a roaring retro mood.

5. Tiger Time Face Mask

gorgeous tiger time cotton reusable face mask

Add an unmistakable allure to your ensemble with this tiger time face mask. This snug and soft cotton beauty once again shows how animal prints always look on-trend.

Pair It With: A matching off-shoulder tiger cropped top  to cross over to the wild side!

6. Green Goddess Face Mask

green goddess cotton face mask

We love the calming quality of this green goddess face mask, all thanks to its soothing green and white palette. Pop it on during your morning run around the park to blend in with nature.

Pair It With: This fun and stylish white jaguar paradise jumpsuit to amp up the tropical vibes with your evening quaran-tini!

7. Buttercup Beauty Face Mask

buttercup beauty handmade cotton face mask

Our buttercup beauty face mask is a riot of happy colors! Bright florals in yellows, pinks, blues sparkle against a geometric black-and-white pattern.

Pair It With: The form-flattering buttercup maxi dress to lounge in style or pop in for a lunch date with the girls. 

8. Sunny Stripe Face Mask

bright and beautiful sunny stripe cotton face mask

Planning a fun (socially distanced) beach day? Our vibrant sunny stripe cotton mask will add to the sunny vibes! We love its beautiful pastel stripes, and the comfy triple-pleated cotton is lightweight and comfy! 

Pair It With: The vibrant and breezy sunny stripe coastal cover-up to perk up your spirits!

9. Dahlia Dreams Face Mask

dahlia cotton face mask

Feel connected to your earthy inner goddess with our dahlia dreams face mask. Forest green leaves and pink lilies bloom beautifully across the fabric. Like all our masks, it comes with adjustable earloops for the perfect fit! 

Pair It With: This elegant dahlia lounge maxi dress for a lush tropical look for your backyard barbecue. 

10. Amethyst Bloom Face Mask

amethyst bloom reusable cotton face mask

This vibrant amethyst bloom mask is a must-have for anyone that appreciates understated floral designs. Its subtle shades will not just cheer you up, but also those around you!

Pair It with: The flowing amethyst bloom lace kimono to throw on a stylish extra layer over your outfit this fall. 

Hope you're all taking care of yourselves in these uncertain times. These boho-chic masks are our little way of adding a dash of style to our new reality. We hope that wearing them bring a smile to your face, even if they're behind the mask :) Stay safe and boho-beautiful!